In today’s world, mostly any search ecosystem is incomplete without mentioning Solr/Elasticsearch.

Solr, the Lucene based search engine, comes up with huge power, potential and capabilities. To manage and setup Solr is easy, which requires some small steps. …

You cannot tame a dragon with a history lesson.
~George R.R. Martin. 🐉

The Lucene powered Search Engines like Solr and Elasticsearch are Information Retrieval Beasts, with enormous potential. At Walmart Labs,, there was a phase. We were migrating from the closed Blackbox Oracle Endeca Server which is a…

“Never tell me the odds!” — Star Wars

“Is the username lucky already taken?” OrI just want to check whether this productID exists in our search index?”. To answer such questions we have a suitable data structure called BloomFilter.

Bloom filters are space-efficient probabilistic data structure. It tells us…

Lucky Sharma

Information Retrieval Enthusiast | Software Engineer @Walmartlabs

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